Dharma Clues

I wonder if there will always be days when you tap into your best self.  When you acknowledge and shine forth with every ray-beam of light out of every pore the effectualness of your being on this planet.  Your immense power.  You.  One small, single person can change the world.  It is not necessarily a day when you do everything perfectly.  But you are so perfectly at ease and unbothered by your mistakes that you are pristine imperfection.

There are those days.  Those days when you just connect.  When baby, Stella’s got her Groove on; you are in the Groove, you ARE the Groove, and not just in it, but riding that Groove like Tony Hawk drops a vert ramp.

And then the next day you are not fit to sissy side-saddle a toad-hopping flea.

While visiting my parents in Portland, Oregon, we went to go see the movie, Hugo.  A film which received a lot of attention at this years’ Academy Awards.  Despite its three-dimensional cinematic achievements, the one word that kept interrupting my optical sensory stimulation, via repetitive brain whispers was: dharma, dharma, dharma.

Dharma:  A universal law that designates those behaviours considered necessary for the maintenance of the natural order of things.

This notion that there is something we are meant to do on this earth.  And whatever that something is, be it big or small, is an essential cog in this tick-tocking clockwork called Life.  And when you live in accordance with your dharma, you proceed more quickly towards nirvana, moksha, liberation.  That seamless feeling when the puzzle pieces just fit.

For most of our lives we travel down this road, bumbling along, bumping into the furniture, smashing into each other, into trees, rocks, maybe boulders in the road, small animals: moths, skunks, deer perhaps; accumulating fender-benders, gashes and bruises, scrapes and stubbed toes, until there is that moment, that silent empty space when you just “click” into all that is meant to be.

Fortuitous fumbling.

Now I’m not so sure about all that.  But what I do know is that I’ve been on quite an unexpected path for the last year or so.  Making seemingly irresponsible, irrational and uneducated decisions; following this crazy beating heart in my chest and tossing that gelatinous, grey organ upstairs right out the window. (for what does it know, besides knowing itself?)  And I keep waiting for the bottom to fall out, for the other shoe to drop.  Every step I take into the mysterious unknown, I pause, midstride, expecting to topple over into the abyss; down the proverbial rabbit hole.  And inevitably, like crossing the Bog of Eternal Stench, there is always a strategically placed rock rising up from the putrid pond below to catch my trepid footfall.  A path, being laid out before me, stone by stone—albeit minus David Bowie’s high-waisted, hot-pants.  (And though I recognize that this reference may alienate some younger readers, and give hint to my current era of birth, please, please go see Jim Henson’s Labryinth.)

So although I’m not entirely sure that I have discovered my dharma, for it still seems a bit vague and blurry around the edges, I am starting to believe that when you are doing the right thing in your life, when you are on the right path, the pieces start to fall into place and The Way, The Road becomes just a little bit smoother of a journey, a little bit free-er of roadkill.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. kerryalina
    Mar 17, 2012 @ 03:07:44

    That film equal parts terrified, enthralled and sexually confused me when I was younger. David Bowie’s tights – oh my!

    Also, love this: “…you are in the Groove, you ARE the Groove, and not just in it, but riding that Groove like Tony Hawk drops a vert ramp. And then the next day you are not fit to sissy side-saddle a toad-hopping flea.” You pretty much just described my life 🙂


  2. risingontheroad
    Mar 23, 2012 @ 23:18:04

    Love it! ah and the bog of eternal stench.. happy scary puppet memories 🙂


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