Orchestral Joy Rides

The quintessential Los Angeles experiences have been checked off.  Hike up the Runyon Train to see the Hollywood sign:  check.  Sunset from the Santa Monica Beach Pier:  check.  Roller-coasters at Magic Mountain:  check.  Needless to say, it has been a crazy ride.  And I am ready to go home.  And as I started to whine, complain and throw a pity-party for the fact that I don’t really have a home to go home to, I received an email.

My landlord, in my temporary Charlottetown apartment, was bit by my dog and I have 2 weeks to find a new place to live.  Though it is disconcerting that my dog bit someone, guessing she is tired of instability, felt protective of her home and an “intruder” mid-day was too much for her to handle, I am smirking with the irony of the Universe.  Now I REALLY don’t have a home to go to.  You see, my dog doesn’t have the tools to handle this like I do:  breathe, trust, and smile.  The curve ball gets thrown and I am laughing as it whizzes by.  Alright, Miss Universe.  I can rise up.  I can deal.  What ‘choo got?

I was teaching a Flow class the other day and was reminded of a lesson I learned from the sea last year, somewhere between El Salvador and Nicaragua.  The ocean is a twice daily reminder that to everything there is an ebb and a flow, and strangely enough, even though I did my practice on the sand next to the Santa Monica Pier, right smack dab next to the waves of the Pacific Ocean, it was actually the sounds an L.A. traffic jam that brought it all back into focus.

Sometime between 7:30 and 8:30 am, after returning back to bed from dropping my parents off at the airport at 5 am, the traffic began to flow and commence its upward audial crescendo.

The whooshing of cars passing by at an ever-increasing rate, gave way to an occasional, almost friendly “beep-beep” interjected.  The whispery whoosh of traffic gave rise to a full-fledged humming; a deep vibration of gas and oil and pistons and breaks.  An automotive orchestra.  A cacophony of onomatopoeias.  Cue the sirens; the string section, if you will.  Deafening electronic wails and shrieks: “Eeee-merrrr-gen-ceeeeee, Eeee-merrr-gen-ceeee.”   Like a well sound-tracked film, drama was added to the scene with the rumbling of the timpani section:  “thwock-thwock-thwock-thwock” started the rhythmic bass of helicopter blades as they sliced through the sky-blue sky.  The horn section now laying it on thick, and this time there was nothing friendly about it.  As if the whole of Los Angeles had decided to drape their bodies across their steering wheels simultaneously.  Thwock.  Hummmmm.  Whoosh.  AR-OOO-GAH!!!  Crescendo fortissimo.

And then silence:  pianissimo

9:30 rolls around and time cards have been punched, coffees consumed, parking meters paid.  And the traffic retreats.  The streets practically empty save for the waitresses whose shifts don’t start for another 6 hours, the unemployed, and the actors clawing their way to yet another audition.  Flow and ebb.  Ebb and flow.

You see, the shit is going to hit the fan whether we want it to or not.  It is how we act or react that defines us.  That gives us grace.  You can fight the flow, you can clench and resist and complain.  Or you can soften into it, relax and realize that if you just allow a little space for the drift, you might end up exactly where you need to be.

Consequently, I found a new place to call home.  A large home actually, with a proper yard and a lovely roommate and oh-so-much space in which to drift and nest and settle.  Overnight, nonetheless.  And without any drama.

And as I waited in line for my last roller coaster on my last night in Los Angeles, I thought, it might twist, it might turn, it might drop unexpectedly or pause in mid-air, or loop-de-loop or climb for minutes in agonizing suspense, but one thing is for sure:  roller coasters are better with arms up!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mary Lynn
    Apr 30, 2012 @ 03:39:47

    awesome dance of words as usual Jennifer. Love your words. Miss you!!


  2. Fergus the Watt
    Apr 30, 2012 @ 22:19:25

    Ouhhhh Jerseyyyyy!!!! Such a sensitive soul… It was soo soo rewarding how she warmed up to me over that wonderful month living at your place. I’m thrilled that she (and you) have found the home base you’ve been looking for. This was my favourite edition so far… I don’t know how, that curious synchronicity of life I guess, but so often this blog ties together and helps me understand what’s going on in my own life. Thank you, keep em coming!!!


  3. Steve
    May 01, 2012 @ 17:27:17

    Still lovin’ them Jen. Good to see you’re starting to get some press.


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