Aligning with Heart

I have a dream.

Okay, I have a goal.  But for me to have a goal, let alone, share that goal, one needed the Martin Luther King reference to signify the full impact of my proclamation.

I wrestle with this notion of goal setting.  I’m a more “fly by the seat of her pants” kinda gal.  Which is also probably why I’ve never saved any money, ran a marathon or purchased anything considered to be of significant value, such as real estate, stocks, or a mortgage.  In fact, my ideal of “making it” has always been being able to afford deli-sliced turkey breast and matching underwear.

Basically any kind of goal which would’ve required significant effort, diligence and forethought?  Yeah, that was never really my thing.

I wrestle with the notion.  Because I find, when you force things, they usually don’t fit.  As if a goal is an imposition of will; undue pressure on a situation.  It’s always when you sit back and relax when things happen.  Always.

Or maybe it was that I always thought small.  Felt small.  And so the notion of goal was a reflection of confidence, or lack thereof.  How do you find the balance between a proud heart and a humble chin?

For the past long while, I’ve been on the “no-plan” Plan.  Which is open and spontaneous and intuitive and free.  And it has taken me to places I never dreamed just over a year ago.  Opened my eyes a thousand times.  The “no-plan” Plan has been good to me.  So I hesitate to deviate from it.

But what if I got on the “semi-plan” Plan?  What if I could have my goal, sit tall, relax, and then trust?  Maybe if I just shift my compass in that general direction, with confidence and humility, being open to fluctuations and the unexpected.  That doesn’t seem to impose my will on the Greater Picture, does it?  Challenge the wisdom of the Universe?  I promise to be humble.  I promise to be humble.

I’d say that’s a pretty yogic compromise.

I have to admit, having a goal makes putting things into perspective a little easier.  All of these moves,  transitions, loneliness….seem slightly easier to bear when I tell myself, “chin high, eyes on the prize.”  And for the first time, I actually have a shred of confidence.  That maybe, just maybe, it is okay to have power.  To be powerful.  And not in any overbearing way, but the power to help, the power to change, the power to love.  In my heart, this goal seems like dharma, patience and acceptance all rolled into one.

So there you have it.  I have a goal and a dream and its all very exciting.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Robin Hewitt
    May 27, 2012 @ 16:45:04

    I am on the “No Plan” at the moment too and I hear you about the hesitation of going back on the “Plan”. I was always a goal-setter and I think I got burn out for a while and finally decided to reap all that I had sown. Now I find myself at a crossroad as well and need to decide if I continue on my current track or be daring and run up the other path to see what’s over the hill. Can’t wait to see how your goal unfolds.


  2. Airlie
    May 27, 2012 @ 18:06:42

    I, for one, am so happy that your “no plan” plan has lead you to this little island, even for the briefest time.
    Keep following that big ol’ heart of yours, girl, and you’ll achieve any goal (or dream) you set your mind to. You are destined for great things, Jen…great things!!


  3. Michael Reed
    May 31, 2012 @ 09:41:50

    If you dont have a goal…you end up exactly where you planned…


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