Blinders Be-Gone

There is a word I’ve been coming across lately, and I would wager it is not a coincidence.  Perhaps once referred to as serendipity, small world, happenstance, destiny, six degrees of separation, or fortuitousness is now being referred to as synchronicity.

Synchronicity.  Sink-Cro-Niss-It-Tee.  I like the ring it has….the notion of synching, not as in lip-synching like Milli Vanilli, but more like the Criss-Crossing of vibes in harmony, unity, and rhythm will make you jump! jump!

David Weale, in the local PEI paper, RED, writes “It was one of those remarkable coincidences that seemed to mean something; one that begged an explanation beyond mere randomness, and invited speculation about a dynamic process of interconnectedness between the surface of everyday perceptions.”

I see it as those times in your life when just exactly what or who you were thinking about manifests itself into your immediate reality.  You know, with your finger on the “send” button and then your phone rings and it’s the person you were just about to call.  The moment when exactly what you need, needs you.

This ever-increasing awareness that we are connected; very much in tune with one another, and while our individual realities may be different, our collective human experience is one and the same.  And that sometimes, what you need the most is merely right in front of you, if you would only just open your eyes.

For instance, I have mentioned quite a few times a pervading sense of loneliness out here on this island far away from my friends, family and any reference to familiarity or “home”.  And yet, I just moved into a beautiful, bright and fully furnished home that could easily have been decorated by my mom.  When I start to feel like my friends are all so far away, my new roommate, a woman in her sixties, starts using the proverbial “We” in reference to a dozen possible adventures we could have together this summer.

I recognize that as much as I try to keep my eyes and spirit open to this human-spiritual experience, that somehow I have found a way to put blinders on; to change my perception of reality to suit my story.

I built parameters around the label “friend” which did not include a white-haired woman with purple glasses, red fingernails and a bedazzled IPhone.

I built parameters around the notion of “home”, which did not include someone else’s temporary rental.

I tuned them out, preferring to stick to my lonely sad story, when in fact the opportunity to share, cook, travel, and nest is sleeping just down the hallway.

I get tripped up on the trust part every time.  In regards to synchronicity, I believe there are no accidents.  That every character upon this stage which is my life has a purpose and a reason for being here which is integral to the story line.  And I always forget to trust.

It then becomes clear to me that we are indeed spiritual beings having a human experience, because no matter how tuned-in or spiritually aware we become, we will always be limited by our humanness.

And so, I’m working to take the blinders off, to open my eyes and see things more clearly; to sync with the many blessings that are laid out before me:

right here, right now.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Robin Hewitt
    Jun 01, 2012 @ 21:55:33

    “You don’t see the world as it is but as you are.”
    — Goethe
    This quote kept calling to me as I read our entry. It’s sitting at my desk staring at me, reminding me not to get so caught up in my own story because that is all it is…a story. Sometimes it is challenging to get out of my own way, see the miracles surrounding me and remembering to be thankful and open to new possibilities. Can’t wait to chat!


  2. Leanne Devine
    Jun 04, 2012 @ 17:11:23

    Synchronicity….and serendipity….so wonderful and unexpected! I love when life just happens like that and when I am observant enough to realize how good it all just is. Keep on writing my friend, your observations of life are so heartfelt and refreshing.


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