“Simply to arrive at an awareness of illusion is to hold hands with truth.”  –T.R.

Coming back to a place is never the same as the first time you were there.  For example, a family camping trip that once was a crystal blue crater lake log-roll on a hot summers’ day, is now a piss-pour rainstorm and a leaky tent.

But never has the return to a place been so pleasantly, unexpectedly breathtaking as being back here for the beginning of a PEI summer.  There is something special about island life that is not immediately apparent when blanketed by layers of snow drifts and flanked by frozen slabs of sea ice.  I’m not sure I have ever seen so much green.  The leaves in the trees have sprung forth their shades of lime, asparagus, chartreuse, avocado, kelly and shamrock in such a blatant display it seems they are winking and blinking their lushy tree lashes in an unabashed flirtation with the sun.

And so, inspired by what I suppose is simply island magic, I have dove in, head first, into island living.  I have licked my fingers clean of sweet, salty lobster.  I have camped in a field by a brook, listening to folk and bluegrass and it is possible that I may have said, at one point, “Youse have a good day now, ‘hear?”  I have gasped in awe at checkerboard farmlands, the almost mahogany red of the earth here, and the (green) and the wild yellow fields of dandelions, now turned into fields of puff balls; an allergics’ watery-eyed nightmare, but for me, one big breath and a million tiny wishes just waiting to get airborne.  I now own a copy of Anne of Green Gables.   And somehow, I have rounded up the entire yoga community of Charlottetown to lead 108 Sun Salutations for a huge community-wide block party on the first day of summer.

I had no idea that event planning was a part of my skill set.  And this event has taken a considerable amount of planning—and in record time too.  I have rallied up donations and sponsors and live music and a Dunk Tank and food and prizes.  I have made lists, and Excel spreadsheets, and Google groups, and emails and done all of these things that, *GASP*, requires organization.    And, much to my own amazement and disbelief, have enjoyed this process immensely.  However, the only thing I will really pat myself on the back for is having successfully navigated the cubic waters of Excel.  For me, that was a first.

The truth is, it is this community that has made this a success.  I just got the ball rolling.  Never underestimate the chemical equation of passion + enthusiasm.  Passion + Enthusiasm= combustion .  It is an infectious disease.  And one worth spreading.  Add into the mix, the word, “community” and people are right there by your side, sowing the seeds of passion and enthusiasm like that field full of dandelion puffs in a class-five wind-storm.

The thing is, we are all just trying to be inspiring and simultaneously, waiting to be inspired.  And I can’t help but swell with pride because, you know, I think it’s working.

I see it every day on Facebook and though pressing the “like” button does not constitute activism, it does constitute awareness and acknowledgment.  I see it with the banging and clanging of pots and pans on the streets of Montreal, spreading to now Ottawa, New York and London.  We are inspiring and motivating each other.  We are making each other laugh and cry and dig deeper and give more freely.

I remember, not all that long ago, feeling like it was a scary time to be living.  That we might be doomed, we might blow ourselves up, or kill each other in wars, or nuclear bombs , or simply create an Earth that is no longer inhabitable.  I remember questioning whether it was the kind of world you wanted to bring children into, for how do you explain to them reality TV or Hummers or Osama Bin Laden?

But I have changed my tune.  I am ecstatic to be alive right now.  We have the chance to finish what the hippies started in the 60’s.  And lord knows, I’m a hippie at heart.

We are allowing ourselves to open our minds, feel compassion, change our world view and evolve.  We are connecting to one another, to the Earth, and realizing that this life we live is worth living well.

So keep doing what you’re doing.  Stand up and shout out, sing, clatter cookware, create, dance, and march.  Band together, spread your passion and your enthusiasm, and your talents and your voice.  Create and embrace your community.  Because you know what?



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  1. Robin
    Jun 17, 2012 @ 17:48:29

    Beautiful work Jen. You have inspired us all with your energy, optimism, and organization. Also happy to hear you are enjoying this beautiful little gemstone we call home. We know you won’t be away for long;)


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