Fault Lines

Hurricanes are amongst the realm of weather patterns that fall under the category of “won’t happen to me”.  Just like tornadoes, earthquakes, flash floods and volcanic eruptions, based simply, on my locale on this planet.  Natural disasters rarely even affect people I know.  (Although my sister lives in L.A. and she’s probably bracing for the Big One.)  But in the last three week period, there have been two earthquakes on the East coast in the 4.5 range, one in Montreal that I felt from my dining room table and the other in Massachusetts where I have a lot of relatives.  Plus that huge one on the island of Haida Gwaii, where one of my old friends from university teaches kindergarten.  And then came along Hurricane Sandy.

A 900 mile-wide Frankenstorm that caused 2.8 million power outages along the Northeast, at least 67 deaths in Haiti and a massive wake of water damage, floods, fires and wreckage that will take a very long time to repair.  And it hit a LOT of people I know.

As I scrolled through news pictures on the internet of the wreckage, I couldn’t help but think of Al Gore’s movie, An Inconvenient Truth.  The part where rising water levels from climate change flood Manhattan.  It seems like the world is breaking a bit.  And I’ve noticed that people around me are breaking too.  Amongst my peers, I’ve been seeing a lot more sadness, anxiety, fear and trepidation.  Death, sickness and suicide are topics that I’ve never had much experience with and yet, more and more they are becoming familiar words in my vocabulary.

No doubt, the world is changing.  People are changing.  And it kind of feels like we are standing on a precipice.  The things that once were synonymous with comfort and familiarity are changing.  But people’s values are also changing, I think for the better, and I can’t help but wonder if that whole Mayan shift of consciousness (aka—apocalypse) is also upon us.  With science proving that meditation increases grey brain matter, poets such as Alan Watts, shows like TedTalks on the energetic body and political organizations like Yoga Votes, there is also sometimes talk of peace and love and intention and equality.

I think there’s hope for us yet.

But change is hard to embrace.  There is an election on the horizon, around which terms like civil rights are being thrown about, but now in regards to gay marriage and this one, affects most everyone.  This is compassion and acceptance and basic human decency rolled into one check-mark on a ballot.

So, when you take into consideration the major events that are taking place on the planet, and you maybe believe that everything is connected, plus throw in a full moon, the dawning of Aquarius (add 45 years and minus the LSD) toss in a pinch of fairy dust, and a few natural disasters, then it kind of makes sense.  People are bound to be shaken up right now.

When you choose to change the way you define, view and relate to your life, of COURSE there are going to be some massive, tectonic upheavals.  Feelings of confusion, resistance and anxiety seem normal when you face the sometimes terrifying unknown.  Allowing yourself to crack wide open is no easy task.

But, I ask you to be strong and batten down the hatches.  If you are out there weathering the storm, breaking, experiencing eruptions, core shakers and tsunami tidal swells of emotion, remember this: change, like natural disasters, is sometimes the only way to grow, start fresh and renew.

To my friends in New York, I hope that you are safe, warm and dry and to my voting friends south of the border, please vote Obama. 


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