Little Gifts

walk this way

If you think about it, life is just a sequence of little gifts.  All of the time we waste on wanting, wishing and longing for things we don’t have.  Like the moment when you give up, when you lose your faith; at just the right time, in exactly the right place, the thing that you need the most gets put on your path to serve as a reminder:  It’s going to be okay.

If only we could keep that perspective during the sad times, the lonely times, the boring times or the rough patches.  If only it were easier to trust those moments we spend waiting for a little more action; when we become bored, impatient, unsettled, restless and disenchanted.  If only we could see that the interim between the highs and the lows can be as vital, as stunning as that perfect silence between the inhale and the exhale.

It’s not easy to remember that nothing is static.  Nothing stays the same.  Joy is a part of the sorrow.  Loss is a part of the gain.  Romance a part of loneliness and darkness holds hands with your light.

Because when those little gifts do come along, oh, they are so much sweeter for the stillness that preceded them.  A bounce gets put back into your step, a shake in your bootie, a sparkle in the trace of a smile on the corners of your lips.  Sometimes it’s that tiny little push, a gust of wind that puffs up your sails again; just enough momentum to keep your proverbial orb rolling.

In my experience, these gifts usually come in the form of people.  The people that have made me laugh, made me cry, made me think, or made me angry; the ones that challenge us, change us, love us or hate us are those that I remember.  They are the ones that no matter how long or short a spell you get to share the road with them for; you are better off for having walked side by side.

On some days, in subtle ways, we give each other new life again.  So that we may continue to live it, love it, leave it and when we are left, never feel left behind, but instead, continue to surge forward with faith, humility, determination and best of all:  laughter.

And from these little gift-wrapped delights, believe in what comes next.


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