The Creation of Adam

striving for adam

There are some moments in life that define us.  You know the ones.  Where almost instantly you feel changed from the moment before.  A little better, or wiser, or somehow stronger.  It is a moment where you notice growth.  An opportunity to do something differently than you always did before.  You know that if you play the moment just right, if you pay attention, you might actually learn something that will stick for a very long time.  Usually, these lessons are not always fun.  Most often, they come with some measure of pain.

Recently, I was discussing with a couple friends about how the one thing I feel that lacks within the context of working at a busy studio, is the opportunity to connect with my students during sign-in.  What followed that statement was a wine-induced argument that, shall we say, reached heated and hairy proportions.

But what was pointed out to me by our lovely guest was that connection is everywhere if only you choose to see.  It can be in a simple exchange of words or eye contact or, even, in that awkward exchange of services for money.  That those moments when you connect are not relegated to an intense, in-depth conversation about who/what/and where you are along the path of this chaotic road called Life.  Call me crazy (or a writer), but I’m a sucker for a story.  Connection doesn’t need drama.  Connection can happen in an instant.

The time that it took for him to express his very eloquent and well thought out ideas gave the rest of us time to decompress.  It gave us time to breathe.

And the lesson that stuck with me is that everything you need is always there for you if only you choose to see.  That so much about what happens to us in life and how we see the world is only in our attitude.  That the difference between what is work and what is play is really only in your approach.

I think we all learned something that night.  We learned to stick with it, even through the rough spots.  To communicate through the anger because we care; to recognize when we could have done it a little bit differently, and to be patient with the process.  To understand that no matter what our experience, or how many hours we’ve spent in meditation or Downward Facing Dog that we might still react.  We might still get angry.  And that’s okay.  We’re all just here to learn and grow and share.  And in every person is a both a student and a teacher.

But mostly, what I’m left with is that I think our attitudes and perspectives dictate the shapes of our lives.  Fate is a concept that is well and good, but I believe that we have choice beyond what circumstances are thrown our way.  And it is in the way that we choose to react to the situations in our lives that define us.

Connection is possible in every single, crazy-busy sign-in.

Bozo, this is partly for you.  I know that you are sad, and empty and hurting right now.  But I hope that one day you choose happiness.  In the meantime, I hope you can breathe a little bit, day by day. 


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  1. Mary Lynn
    Jul 13, 2013 @ 06:31:39

    xoxoxox this is a connection! xoxoxoxox


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