It was one of those weeks that chew you up and spit you out.  The jaws of the Universe grind like a severe case of TMJ, and you are left feeling ragged, worn and grey….like a gnawed-on piece of bad beef jerky.  When the Universe towers over you and demands as it flicks the remnants of you out of the cracks in its teeth, “So, what are you made of?”

You could take it as a sign of misdirection or poor choice.  An omen.  A portent.  A hullabaloo.  For anyone, really, it’d be easy enough to slink off and walk away.  No one would blame you for waving the white flag and admitting your defeat. But these are the moments that ask, “How bad do you really want this?”

And for a second, you wither and cower, cause who really enjoys a spittle shower anyways, until you shake yourself off like a stinky, wet dog….and you stand up tall—or as tall as you can muster, in your chewed up state and you say:

Ok—Universe.  Here is what I am made of.  I am made of the stuff that has chosen the road that is not easy, comfortable or safe.  I am made of the stuff that recognizes that there are mountains seemingly too tall to climb, but still I will lift my feet, even if my boots are poured cement, grip my fingers until the nails fall off and I will clamber to make my way.  I am made of the stuff that, though I might be crumpled in a sobbing heap on the bathroom floor; doing battle with fear and doubt and insecurity, my heart remains courageous.  I am made of the stuff that spins gold from her dreams, and forges steel from her resolve.  I will take the punches and I will smile, accepting my bruises like decorative streaks of war paint.  But I will not fight back.  Even when my opponent is only the demon within saying, “You can’t.  You don’t have what it takes.  THIS is impossible.”

Because I am made from the stuff that has never believed in “impossible”.  And when the naysayers don’t believe in what I am made of, I will drown out their ‘nays’ and I will hone my focus because:  there is work to do.  I will not fight, but instead I will look deeper within and I will shine even brighter.  And I will continue to shine until you have no choice but to see.  I will shine so bright that I will incinerate the demons within and I will yodel from the mountaintops, “I-can-and-I-will-yodeleyheehoooooooo!”

And the next time you try to bite me, you will know that I am strong because I will crack the crowns in your teeth.




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